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Subway Pass Commissions

Posted by Jimmy Danko on February 28, 2011 in drawing, Sketch of the Day | No Comments

For over a year now I’ve been sporadically doing drawings on the backs of Argentine Subway passes. Sometimes they’re of people I see, other times they’re based off of images I find, and some I just make up. A few weeks ago a fellow artist, welder Josh Welton, commissioned me to do the above passes. […]

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DANK Video 011 | Station Wagon Spaceship | Music by JOE PURDY

Posted by Jimmy Danko on December 28, 2010 in drawing, Sketch of the Day, sketchbook, video | No Comments

(having trouble viewing the above video? go here) When I was little, my spaceship was a broke down 1976 Ford station wagon… MUSIC IN THE VIDEO ARTIST: Joe Purdy ALBUM: This American SONG: Ride Off On A Cloud For years I’ve been listening to the music of singer/songwriter Joe Purdy. In those quiet moments while […]

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STREET | Gorilla Decorations

Posted by Jimmy Danko on October 24, 2010 in graffiti, Sketch of the Day, spray paint, stencil | 2 Comments

Sketch of the Day + Xacto knife + Spray Paint = new Gorilla decorations around the city

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