PAINTING | “Rolo Retrograde”

The Retrograde Series is a group of multi-paneled paintings that stand as an exploration of the memories, questions, sights, sounds, and tastes of my youth, and their juxtaposition against each other, and the world around me decades later. “Rolo Retrograde” is the continuation/evolution of that series. To inquire about purchasing please email

"Rolo Retrograde" - 2013

ROLO RETROGRADE | 3 panels – each panel measures 24″ x 32″ (61cm x 81cm) | oil & acrylic on wood

Close-up of astronaut

Individual pieces are jigsawed, painted and attached to the panels.

Wood Texture

Select areas of the wood panels are hand-chiseled, accentuating the texture of the wood.

Back Plates

Attached to the back of each panel are oxidized metal plates, individually stenciled and unique to this specific piece.

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